Annual Galas

Until 2013, CAPA Community Education Fund hosted the annual gala event.  This was both our showcase event and fundraiser.  It also allowed us to network in a more formal atmosphere and to spotlight our Summer Internship Program‘s students.  Have a look at our past gala events. Coming soon, past program books in electronic (PDF) format.  This event was replaced with our formal Internship Graduation Event.


Gala 2013

Gala 2013 Program Book


Gala 2012

Gala 2012 Program Book


Gala 2010

Gala 2010 Program Book

Gala 2009 Program Book

View the 25th Anniversary Special Video


Gala 2007

Gala 2007 Program Book



Gala 2005

Gala 2005 Program Book

Gala 2004 Program Book

Gala 2002 Program Book