Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Stephen P. Lin, Esq., Chair
Patti Lim, Treasurer
Bettina Wong-Uno, Secretary

Evelyn Lin, Internship Chair
Cedric C. Cheng
Kevin Ong
Jing Wang

Community Advisors
Susan Bonilla, Former CA State Assemblymember, District 11
Mary Nejedly Piepho, Former Contra Costa County Supervisor, District 3
Tsu-Ming Yang, Founding President, CAPA
C.C. Yin, President and Founder, APAPA

Student Advisors
Vivienne Lim (Class of ’11)
Hayley Uno (Class of ’14 & ’15)
Abraham Lin (Class of ’15 & ’16)
Sabrina Lin (Class of ’17,’18 & ’19)